Tibet is a vast country – five times the size of Nepal and even with its current high political profile, it is still seen as a mysterious entity by the West. It is the high-altitude Replica Breitling Black Bird Watches Land of Snows, the mystical inspiration for James Hilton’s best-selling novel Shangri-La, and the possessor of some of the most desolate yet magnificent scenery on the planet.

Its towns and cities have suffered from the leaden hand of Communism, with bombastic architecture and insensitive road systems. Underlying everything is a profound religious sensibility; Buddhism arrived in the 7th century, merging with the indigenous religion, evidence of which can still be seen. From a visitors’ point of view, Tibet is not only very large but very high; Lhasa, the capital, is 3,650 meters above sea level and the bulk of the country is above 5,000 meters, rising to 6,000 in the south – the highest plateau in the world. Tourists are drawn by the picturesque culture and dramatic landscapes. Lhasa is home to the forbidding white-and-ochre Replica JACOB & Co Palace and Jokhang temple, the religious center of the country, and is ringed with temples, monasteries, and nunneries. In the south is Mount Everest – on the Nepali border – whose north face Replica Corum Bubble can be seen from Rongphu Monastery. The views are marvelous and it is possible to divert to Everest Base Camp


The Best of Nepal and Tibet

This short tour incorporates seven nights visiting some of the most prominent temples and monasteries in Tibet.

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