Arun River Rafting

Grade: Star
Duration: 9 Days
Departure: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Arun River “Adrenaline Challengers’ Delight” 

Highly esteemed as the most mighty and challenging rivers of Nepal, the lower Arun River Valley is diversely populated with various ethnic tribes of Nepal that add color to this trip. The area is largely pristine and is not frequented so much by curious trekkers who largely opt for the eastern approach to Everest and Makalu Base camps.

We tailor river rafting trips on the Arun every year. The most apparent starting point for this trip is Tumlingtar and we recommend the brief flight from Kathmandu and take the short forty-minute walk to the river. There have been occasions when kayakers have made the 70 km journey down to Chatara in a day; however, ours will be a much more relaxed 3-day trip, taking in all the wonderful sights before taking the brief flight back to Kathmandu from the industrial town of Biratnagar.

The Mighty Arun

This exciting journey takes 5 to 6 days. Your return leg from Chatara, which is the raft take-out point, is approx. 14 to 16 hours to Kathmandu. The large volume of water combined with powerful currents guarantee huge rapids being encountered. The length of this journey from Bumling comprises a spectacular and thrilling 5 to 6 days river trip and a 3-day wilderness trip. The larger part of the rapids can be quite challenging and a technical class 4 to 5 grade along with immaculate canyons that add up to 9 days. We can tailor this trip beginning with your flight to Tumlingtar, the starting point, and is equipped with the necessary equipment there; this can be fairly expensive.

Accessibility, Location, and Timetable

The journey by bus to the put-in point for the Arun River requires you make an 18-hour journey, with arrangements made by us to Khadabari that is followed by a 3-day wilderness trip to the village of Bumling. You have the option of flying to Tumlingtar which makes for a more logistical and inexpensive journey. Your trek from Tumlingtar to Bumling is 3 days to the put in point. The 70-kilometer stretch exciting river experience comprises 5 to 6 days. The return leg of the journey from Chatara, the take-out point, is 14 to 16 hours to Kathmandu. You can also opt to fly from Biratnagar, which is a one-hour road journey from Chatara, to Kathmandu for an additional cost.

River Description

The large volume of water and increasingly power currents of the Arun offer challenging and technically high-grade rapids. The Arun is one of the fastest-flowing and most powerful whitewater currents in Nepal and makes its way through the high Himalayas with deep and spectacular gorges, pristine-lush valleys and superb riverside beaches. This magnificent river is only available for those opting for an expedition. The scenery on both the river sojourn and trek is truly stunning and picturesque. The Arun river is the ideal choice for those who wish to embark on a long challenging white water rafting that encounters thrilling high-class rapids combined with the pristine surroundings of the river valley. This is the river of choice for those who desire white water rafting out in the wilderness.

Season/Months Difficulties/Grade Water volume
September – December iv Approx. 300 cumecs
January – May iv- Approx. 200 cumecs
June – August Iv+ Approx. 450 cumecs

Trip Preparation & Pre-Departure Meetings

It is pertinent, that before we head out on an outdoor adventure trip, we arrange for a meeting at our offices prior to departure in order to introduce you to our Trip Leaders, Guides, Logistical Support Staff and other guests. We will also look into and complete all official formalities and have extensive discussions about the trip.

Equipment & Services Provided by Us 

High quality self-bailing inflatable raft, modern plastic paddle, neoprene wetsuit, whitewater safety helmet, PFD life jacket, waterproof container or barrel for camera and valuable things storage, dry bag, first-aid kits and tents/ mass fly sheet and sleeping mat, other necessary camping gear, cooking utensils, hygienically prepared food and beverages.

Things You Need to Bring for the Trip

River Wear Gear
Shorts / Half Pant, T-shirts – long sleeved for protection from sun, swimwear, sun caps, sunglasses, cream, personal water bottle, pair of river sandals.

For Campsite Wear
Personal sleeping bag, trousers/pants, undergarments, socks, lightweight shirts, towel, light shoes, fleece-type pullover, flashlight, personal toiletries, camera, reading and writing materials, any medication as recommended by your physician/doctor.

Safety Issues Measures
Nepaltours has always emphasized safety and takes such matters seriously and gives it a topmost priority and believes that every happy outdoor trip to be a safe one. Our team members and support team are regularly upgraded on training like AR & CPR, Wilderness First Aid & Precautionary Measures, Whitewater Rescue Technician conducted by Rescue 3 International. In addition, we provide a Safety Kayaker on every rafting journey for your enjoyment, comfort, and reassurance.

Environmental Care
One of our core responsibilities and driving concerns is care for the environment and engage in adventures activities that do not in any way adversely affect the environment and eco-systems of Nepal. We conduct our journeys in such a meticulously designed way that our clients derive complete satisfaction from our adventure holidays and that is sustainable for our future generations. We strictly adhere to minimum impact policy, with practices like using kerosene and gas for cooking instead of local firewood. In addition, we dispose of and clean both biodegradable and non-degradable items in an effective way from our campsites.

Name of River: Arun River
Days at River: 09
Distance covered on River: 50 km / 31 miles approx.
Difficulty: 04
Raft put in Point: Tumlingtar
Rafting End Point: Chatara Water Volume (Cumecs): 400
Ideal Season: Spring & Autumn


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