Manaslu Expedition

Grade: Star
Duration: 56 days
Maximum Altitude: 8163 meters
Departure: Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Towering at 8163 meters, Mt. Manaslu promises one of the most challenging and adventurous mountaineering expeditions in Nepal. Mt. Makalu is best suited for those who desire an adrenaline rush borne out of a passionate thirst for some dizzying mountain climbing in order to test one’s skills, endurance and spirit. From the summit, you will reward yourself with panoramic views of neighbors like Ngadi Chuli, Himalchuli, Baudha, Ganesh Himal and many others. It is an area inhabited by infrequent ethnicities and tribes like Nubri, Tsum, and Bhotia. The approach and return leg to and from the mountain takes you through contrasting climate zones that range from the sub-tropical to the polar. As a consequence, you will experience and see a diversity of wildlife.

This mountain is situated in the Gorkha range to the east of Annapurna and towers majestically in its surroundings and rises steeply into the blue skies making it conspicuous from all vantage points. The peak is surrounded by flat glacial valleys and long mountain ridges that lead into it. This not only renders the mountain easily visible but also offers likely routes to its base camp. As a result of this extraordinary landscape, the approach to the base camp of this mountain is relatively much longer than most mountain base camps in the Himalayas of Nepal. Having reached base camp, typically four camps are established at higher altitudes before making the final assault on the summit. In the process of making your way up from one camp to another, you will encounter steep snow, slippery ice and even the risks of avalanches between the two final high camps.

Among the eight-thousanders in Nepal, Mt. Makalu poses its own challenges and specialties. It is also referred to as the “Japanese Mountain” because of the first successful ascent of its peak in 1956 by a Japanese team. This serves as a contrast to the “British Mountain”, the name given to Mt. Everest, as it was first discovered by the British surveyor Sir George Everest; that is the reason for its English derivative “Everest”. As far as credits go to this mountain, it also prides itself as the first eight-thousander mountain to be successfully scaled by women. The name “Manaslu” is derived from a Sanskrit word that means soul or intellect. Those who live in the high mountain region vicinity of this mountain believe that the cosmic soul of the god dwells on this peak. A Japanese expedition in 1954 had to face the wrath of the locals who sent the baffled mountaineers back !! The locals of this region firmly reaffirm that a monastery was destroyed in an avalanche because the gods were angered due to previous climbing attempts on the mountain.

Fitness Level: This trip requires you to be in good health and physically fit. So, we recommend a thorough physical examination before you start the trek.

Skills: Familiarity with high mountain terrain and tough mountaineering experience required

Travel Insurance:
Make sure that you are insured against cancellations, accidents, health, emergency evacuation, and loss, theft of, or damage to, baggage and personal effects.
In emergency situations, we will arrange for a helicopter rescue, medical treatment, and aftercare for you. All these costs shall be borne by your travel insurance company.

Required Equipment/Gears:
All climbing gears
Sleeping bag
Down jacket
LED headlight
Water bottle
First-aid kit
Water purification solution
Trekking Poles
Full fingers gloves
Thermal cap

You can choose to bring this equipment yourself. However, we can help you get these things after you arrive here if you want to travel light.
We will arrange your pick-up/drop-off according to your flight schedule.
We can customize this itinerary according to your interests and preferences.

Documents required: 
Manaslu Conservation Area Permit
Scanned copies of passport sized photo and passport of each participant
Travel insurance

Day 1

Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2

Preparations in Kathmandu

Day 3

Drive from Kathmandu to Gorkha

Day 4

Trek from Gorkha to Khanchok

Day 5

Trek from Khanchok to Khursani Bari

Day 6

Trek form Khursani Bari to Macha Khola; Night in camp.

Day 7

Trek form Macha Khola to Jagat; Night in camp.

Day 8

Trek from Jagat to Nyak; Night in camp.

Day 9

Trek from Nyak to Prok; Night in camp.

Day 10

Trek from Prok to Namru; Night in camp.

Day 11

Trek from Namru to Lho; Night in camp.

Day 12

Trek from Lho to Sama Gaon; Night in camp.

Day 13

Trek from Sama Gaun to Manaslu base camp.

Day 14-48

Climbing period.

Day 49

Trek back to Sama Gaon. Overnight in camp.

Day 50

Trek from Sama Gaun to Nyak

Day 51

Trek from Nyak to Jagat

Day 52

Trek from Jagat to Machakhola

Day 53

Trek from Machakhola to Arket

Day 54

Trek from Arket to Gorkha

Day 55

Drive from Gorkha to Kathmandu

Day 56

Fly back home.


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