Tamur River Rafting

6-7 DAYS
Grade: Star
Duration: 6-7 Days
Departure: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Tamur River “6-7 day Jewels of East”
The Tamur River situated in the eastern part of Nepal is fed by the water draining down from Mount Kanchenjunga. It has thrilling grade 4 and 5 rapids and ensure a complete rafting experience. This trip is ideally suited for adventure seekers as it begins with a brief flight to Biratnagar in the plains, a long drive and a four day trek to reach the put in point. The trek itself offers excellent mountain views and scenery. Its tributaries drain the third highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga. It is the sixth largest river in Nepal and because of its narrow sides the river is powerful.

Because of its steep gradient, it is most probably best suited for kayakers. After reaching Dobhan, the gradient relaxes downstream; but it is quite peculiar that the last 30 km stretch of the river before its merging with the Sun Koshi, is steeper. The Kabelli river contributes about one quarter of the river’s volume, after which no major tributaries follow.

The valley is pristine and thinly populated and barely cultivated. The sides of the valley are amply forested and the banks offer perfect camping sites with plenty of wildlife sightings. The locals are colourful and fascinating and exude warmth and genuine hospitality.

Accessibility and Location

It is a 16-18 hour journey from Kathmandu and combined with a 3 day trekking to the put in point at Dobhan. The 155 km river adventure lasts for 6-7 days until it ends at Chatara. It is a 14-16 hour return journey from the take out point to Kathmandu. There is the option of flying back from Biratnagar which is a 1 ½ hour journey from Chatara and a 40 minute STOL flight back to Kathmandu.

River Description

The Tamur River begins its journey from the third highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga, and is the sixth largest and powerful river in Nepal. You will be treated to spectacular scenery on your trekking trail in Milke Danda- Gupha Pokhari in the eastern part of Nepal to the raft put in point and is awesome as the river itself. The valley sides are thinly populated and there is little sign of agriculture throughout the entire trip. There is an abundance of bio-diversity en route and excellent camping offers on sandy beaches.

The river cuts through huge gorges in a south-west direction and passes through the 2000 metre high Mahavarat range of mid-hill nearby Triveni-Baraha Kshetra, then disgorges when it spreads out over the great plains of the Ganges of the Indian Plate.

Varying whitewater thrill seekers can enjoy its challenging grade 4 to 5- rapids along the entire non-stop river action. You can also combine this river journey with the Kanchenjunga region Trek.

Season/Months Difficulties/Grade Water volume
September – December iv Approx. 300 cumecs
January – May iv- Approx. 200 cumecs
June – August Iv+ Approx. 450 cumecs

Location, Transportation and Timetable

The new put in point for the Sun Koshi, Dumja instead of Dolalghat, is approximately a 3 hour drive from Kathmandu and accessible by Nepaltours’ private minibus. The river journey of 270 km is completed in 10 to 11 days depending on the season. There will be an orientation meeting early in the evening before departure to get you acquainted with fellow rafters and your guide and also to clear any doubts or queries you may have with regard to the trip.

The return journey from the south-eastern take out point of Chatara to Kathmandu is approx. 16 hours. For an additional cost it is possible to fly back to Kathmandu or Pokhara from Biratnagar which is a 1 hour drive from Chatara.

Trip Preparation and pre-departure meeting

Before heading every outdoor trip we would like to request to our guests to be gathered at our office for pre-departure meeting as it is also prime concern to introduce with our team-Trip Leader, Guides, trip staffs and other guests, complete official formalities, discuss about the trip system, timetable and other important matters to make your happy journey successful.

Equipments and Services we provide for the trip

Best quality self-bailing inflatable raft, Whitewater safety helmet, modern plastic paddle, neoprene-wetsuit, PFD-lifejacket, Dry top Jacket, Waterproof Container/Barrel for camera and valuables things, Dry bag, First-Aid Kits and Tents/mass fly sheet and sleeping mat, other necessary camping gear cooking utensils, hygienically prepared food and drinks.

Things you need to bring for the trip 

River wear gear: shorts- half pant, T-shirts (long sleep for sun protection), swim wear, Sun Cap/Glass/Cream, personal water bottle, a pair of river sandals. For the camp site wear: Personal sleeping bag, lightweight shirts, Trouser/pant, under garments socks, a towel, light shoe, Fleece type pullover, flash light, personal toiletries, camera, reading and writing materials, medication recommended by your doctor.

Safety Issue

Nepaltours River Rafting team takes safety issues very seriously for every rafting trip and believe every happy outdoor trip is a safe one. Our team members have updated training courses – AR/CPR, Wildness First-Aid and Whitewater Rescue Technician conducted by Rescue 3 International. Besides in every trip also provides expert safety kayaker for rescue and make your rafting journey with us more comfort and enjoyable.

Care of Environment

The care of environment is our prime concern responsibility to protect the wildness resources of Nepal for future generation. We practice and follow minimum impact polices on our every outdoor journey- by using gas or kerosene as a cooking fuel instead of local firewood. Moreover by disposing and cleaning both biodegradable and non-degradable properly from the campsite



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